10 iGoogle Themes I Like

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Here are my ten iGoogle themes that I suggest you try. Although these themes are not created by Google, they’re cool. Most of the themes I like have one color with different shades. The other themes give a joyful background, and some are simple yet they create character to my personalized homepage. I would say that my choices were not mainly affected by their designs on top of my iGoogle page, but also based on the designers’ choice of colors on the links and on the gadgets.

As you can see, I included on this post the number of users and ratings of the themes. But be aware that these data may change as time goes by. Just click on the theme’s name below, and you will be directed to the page where you can add the theme, or read the latest number of users, comments, and ratings.

If you however don’t like the themes I listed here, you can check iGoogle’s theme search page, or you can create your own theme.

Live Planet – Northern Hemisphere (By Sterling Udell)


A near-real-time view of the Earth’s northern hemisphere, including seasons, day/night, clouds, and city lights.”

344,234 users | 162 ratings


Adventure in Lollipopland (By Mark Frauenfelder)

“A dynamic, illustrated adventure by BoingBoing co-founder Mark Frauenfelder, in which lollipops are consumed and new friends are made.”

43,354 users | 27 ratings


Clean Blue (By Eric Sutter)


“Simple blue and black theme.”23,629 users | 16 ratings


Shade, Summer (By David Schooley)


“A dark, low-contrast, energe-efficient, summer-themed skin. Fireflies on a warm night.”

5,689 users | 3 ratings


The Painter (By Aaron Schaldecker)


“A man painting the iGoogle logo.”

4,932 users | 8 ratings


Vista Ocean (By Joey Troy)


“Vista’s Ocean Background”

2,867 users | 4 ratings


Phantasea (By Matthew Ferreira)


“Sink yourself into the vivid waters of this underwater aurora.”

2,175 users | 5 ratings


Ellie and Me (By Google, Inc. )


Though it says by Google Inc., it didn’t have the Google logo like other iGoogle themes created by Google so I guess this is an exception. Anyways this theme is about “A day in the life of Ellie and her cat – a simple iGoogle skin to brighten your day.”

2,072 users | 11 ratings


Clean Green (By Mike Stockwell)


“A clean green eco theme”

1,283 users | 1 ratings


Aquarius Theme (By DailyHoroscopes.net)


Check out other horoscope themes here.

3,144 users | 6 ratings


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