How to Exclude a Site on Google Search

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Not all search results in Google Search are directly relevant to the desired search. For example, you want to search other websites about Gfanatic. Results from would turn out useless because you already know about Gfanatic from this site.

Another possible reason why people prefer to exclude some sites from their search is to lessen the commercial aspect of the search results. Commercialized websites usually show up the first granted its relevance to the keyword. But it doesn’t necessarily contain relevant information.

Now for those of you who have been researching on how to exclude sites from your Google search, here’s how. After typing in the keyword/s enclosed with quotation marks, simply type the hyphen or minus sign followed by the word ‘site’ then a colon and then the website url.

Syntax: <”keyword/s”>-site:<URL of the site you want to exclude search results from>

Example: “Gfanatic”-site:

Don’t forget the hyphen or the minus sign. Remember it signifies to cancel out. If you don’t include the hyphen or the minus sign, it will search the keyword on that specific site.


To Exclude a Site
“Google Earth”-site:

To Search in a Particular Site (no hyphen / minus sign)
“Google Earth” site:

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Firefox’s Google Search Box

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I know some people who are using Firefox hate to see the search bar on the right of the browser, especially if they are not using the default search engine. If you are one of them, I suggest that you just replace Google with the search engine of your choice, instead of removing the search bar.

Just click on the Google logo, and choose among the websites displayed which you like to be your primary search engine in Firefox. Pick Yahoo,, eBay, Wikipedia, or If your favorite site is not included in the default choices, you can add it by clicking Manage Search Engines.

On the Pop-up, click the ‘Get more search engines’ link located at the bottom of the window, and you’ll find out more options; there’s,, and Then add to Firefox the site you want to use, let’s say Once it’s added click on the Google logo again, and choose Now, your primary website in the search bar is MSN’s Live instead of Google.

The Firefox’s search bar is actually a handy feature. You don’t have to type the search engine’s url in the address bar to start your search. Instead, you just go directly to the box, and type in your keywords. Once you hit enter, viola, the results you needed are in the page.

So Firefox, why Google is the default search engine?

Now that you know you can in fact replace Google with your favorite search engine like Yahoo or, don’t you wonder why Firefox has Google as it’s default search engine, when it’s not a Google product anyway but Mozilla’s?

Well if not for Google, Firefox may have not become as popular as it has been today, and has not earned millions of dollars. Some bloggers though think that this obvious favoritism of Firefox is unfair, not only to the consumers but also to other search engines.

So while Firefox still loves Google, you only have two options: remove the search box or change the box’s default search engine to the search engine of your choice.

How to Remove/Add Autofill on Google Toolbar

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It’s not all the time that we are using our own computer right? Or maybe someone else are using our computer and change something there. So sometimes, we notice that we are losing buttons on our Google Toolbar, or having new buttons. So in this post, I am sharing to you how to disable or enable the autofill button on your toolbar.

On Toolbar for Internet Explorer 5

Click the wrench button, which is just beside the sign in button. Once you clicked it, the toolbar options window will appear.


On the toolbar options window, click the autofill tab and uncheck the box to disable. If you want to enable just check the box. Click the save button after.


On Toolbar for Firefox

Click the settings button, found on the right of the toolbar.


Go to Options, and the Google Toolbar Options will appear.

Then uncheck the box for Autofill to disable, and just check it if you want to add the autofill button on your toolbar. Click OK after.


If however, you did follow these steps and still didn’t see the autofill button, just click the two-arrows on the toolbar, and you will see the autofill button there.


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How To Delete Your Google Web History

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Your online searches is collected by Google  Web History when you enable it, and you stay logged in to your account whenever you do your searches.

It collects not just your keywords and the pages you visited, but also the videos you watched in Google Video, the sponsored links you clicked, the photos you viewed on Image Search results. It records all your activities with Maps, Blog Search, and Book Search.

If at one time you just decided that keeping your search history isn’t a good idea anymore, and it is best to delete all tracks of your past searches then here’s how to do it.

1. Log in to your Account.

2. Click the ‘Edit’ link.


3. On the next page click ‘Delete Web History’.


4. Then it will ask you if you are sure you want to permanently remove Web History from your account. Check the box, if you are sure, and provide your password.


5. Click the ‘Remove Web History’ button.

How to Remove/Delete All Google Bookmarks

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If you are just using the Bookmark button on the Google Toolbar, you have to right click on each bookmark to remove them one by one. However, there is a fast and easy way to remove all your Bookmarks.

  • Log-in to Google Web History with your account.
  • On your web history page, click the Bookmark link at the left sidebar. Then you will see all the sites you bookmarked.
  • Below the Bookmark link at the left sidebar, you will see this:


  • Click the ‘delete all’ link.
  • Google will then ask you to confirm. So click the ‘Clear Bookmarks’ button to continue.


  • Google will then confirm that you have deleted all your bookmarks.

How to Remove Google Search Box From Firefox

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I already blogged about how to remove the search box in Google Toolbar for Firefox, but there are some users who didn’t install the toolbar, and just want to remove the Google Search Box from Firefox. Though the steps are the same, my previous post may be unclear to those who are not using this specific toolbar. So to remove the search box, here are the steps:

First, right click on any part of the toolbar then choose customize. A new smaller window will appear with a lot of icons in it. You will also see a hand cursor. Move this hand cursor over the search box, and then grab the box into the icon window. Then click done. After doing these steps, the box is gone in your Firefox browser.

Below are ‘before’ and ‘after’ screenshots:





Below is a video tutorial for removing the search box

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