Using Google Realtime Search

September 3, 2010 by · Comments Off on Using Google Realtime Search
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Google’s Realtime Search brings search results to life with a dynamic stream of realtime content from across the web, all live and automatically updating before your eyes.

Realtime search collects various news stories, blog posts, and updates from popular social networks and presents them in a constantly refreshing stream. You can learn the latest news and updates before it hits major headlines by searching or getting Google alerts with realtime updates. You can also look back in time using replay to see what people were saying about a topic in the past.

Using Realtime Search is very easy. You can access Realtime search from the left hand navigation tool or search directly from the Realtime home page at One of Realtime’s new features is the ability to sort results by geography. Example, you are interested about the “US Open” and you want to know or see what others are saying about this exciting sports tournament. You can also use Realtime link to search for updates just near your location or in a specific location. You can do this by clicking “Nearby” or set the location you are interested in using the custom search box. You can also restrict your search to a specific area by clicking the location tag in the search results.

Now, you can also use realtime to see not just the individual updates, but the entire conversation threads from the initial comment through latest replies.  From within your search results, just click on the conversation snippets to see all comments related to the update. From here, if there are multiple pages of comments, you can browse through the pages to see the conversation from start to this very moment.

Another great thing is that you can now get Realtime alerts sent directly to your inbox for any topic you are interested in. Just visit, enter the terms you like, and select Updates as the Type. Realtime search will bundle updates and email them to you once a day or week or send them to your inbox instantly.