Gmail’s Call Phone

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Are you missing your friends and loved ones? Do you want to call them but worry about expensive phone bills?  Well, not anymore… Gmail’s Call Phone feature is here to help you.

All of you will agree that some things are better communicated face to face. With the integration of Gmail voice and video chat into Gmail, staying in touch with friends and family is now easier. Before, you need to be signed in to your Gmail account to communicate. Now, you can call people directly on their phones.

To do this, just dial a phone number like you would do in an ordinary phone. Click “Call phone” at the top of the chat list and dial the number or enter a contact’s name. If you have a Google Voice number, calls made from Gmail will display this number as the outbound caller ID. You can also receive calls made to this number right inside Gmail.

This is really a great and helpful application. You can now call anywhere in the US and Canada for free for at least the rest of the year as well as make cheap international calls. It is very easy to use and best of all, it is free.

Google Voice Lets You Use Your Existing Number

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google-voiceWhen you take calls through your Google number, it allows you to use features like call recording, call screening and getting text messages via email. Before, you are required to use a new number when you want to use Google Voice. But, now you can conveniently use your existing phone number to access your voicemail.

Having too many phone numbers is a hassle for everybody. Imagine having to note down and memorize each one of them and everyone hates it to be switching to a new phone number also. When Google announce that they have granted the wish of those people who wants to use their existing number for Google Voice, everyone was delighted. Now, you can have the chance to use your existing phone number or use a new Google number, whoever suits you best.

When you have your own Google Voice account already, you just have to add Google Voicemail to your mobile phone that you have linked your account to. But, if you’re new and want to start using this platform, you can ask a friend who has a Google Voice account to send you an invite or you can also request for one if you still have no luck from your friends.

Of course, there’s a catch if you want to use your existing phone number. There are some limitations on your ability to use Google Voice’s features if you opt to use your existing number. If you want full access and want to get hold of all the functionality of Google Voice, better choose to have a new Google number instead.

Google Voice Lets You Invite A Friend

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People have been buzzing about the introduction of Google Wave over the past weeks, and now, another innovation is currently making waves as Google Voice added a new feature which you can invite your friends, family, and loved ones through the “Invite a Friend” link.


You cannot just receive SMS messages via email and change your Google Voice number, but you can also share Google Voice with friends and family members. Google has been giving out some invitations to several Google Voice users. And, in the next week or so, you will be able to see an “Invite a Friend” link located on the left side portion of the user’s inbox.

If you wish to invite a friend, you only need to type in your friend’s email address, add a note to the invitation, and click the “Send Invites” button. Once, your friend has accepted your invitation it will be shown as “Accepted” in the status portion.

Every Google Voice user will be given 3 invites which they can pass along with friends or anyone they know to use and share the Google Voice experience. If you do not see your invitations immediately, don’t worry. Google is doing its best to make this feature available to all internet and Google enthusiasts and will be providing more invitations very soon.