More Sharing Features in Google Reader

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Google Reader surprises us once again with its new features.

A few months ago, we started sharing our interesting feed items to our friends in Gmail Chat and Google Talk. Our shared items had also been open for public viewing. Then recently, Google have added again new cool features that seemed to be a threat for and Twitter. The features I am talking about are the “Note in Reader” bookmarklet, and “Share with Note” button.

Share anything

The “Note in Reader” bookmarklet, which we can drag from our notes page, allow us to share any article that we’ve found while browsing the internet. This is indeed a cool new feature since before, we used to send the link to our friends through email or chat when we found an interesting article we would like to share. But now, we don’t have to worry about emailing the link or sending it through chat, all we have to is bookmark the page by clicking the “Note in Reader” bookmarklet. And we can even add notes to it!

Well, if we just want to bookmark the page without sharing it to our friends, all we have to do is uncheck the “Add to shared items”. I don’t think I would use Google Reader though just for the reason of bookmarking. I still prefer since aside from adding notes, I can easily add tags while bookmarking them.

Add notes

There are times that we like to add a reason why we are sharing an item. (If you are using Twitter, for sure you have done that.) And it is now possible when we are reading a feed we feel like sharing. Just click the “Share with note” button located below the feed item that we would like to share.
And just like Twitter, we can also write a note to our friends by clicking the ‘Notes’ link at the left column, below the ‘Shared items’ link.

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