What’s New with Google News?

July 11, 2010 by · Comments Off on What’s New with Google News?
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Google News is a great tool that’s been introduced in 2002 to help you find important and interesting articles and features all around the web. Google News has a new look and feel these days. You can see the Google News homepage with some updates to make the news more relevant to you. Google has found a way to better showcased interesting stories you did not know existed and to make it easier for you to share great stories and news with other people or through the different social networks.

Here are the changes:

  • You can customize your Google News homepage. You can add your own categories and you can even update your preferences later on. The stories that interest you the most is called “News for You” on Google News. You can view them grouped by topic by selecting the Sections view. You can now choose which news sources you would rather not see by going to News Settings. Now, it is so much easier to explore the top stories that many outlets are covering.
  • Also, Google News is now reflecting your interests while providing topics and stories you did not know existed. Recent news, local weather, and local news are now in the right-hand column. You can also see the Spotlight section there, which features stories of more lasting interest.
  • Finally, Google News is letting you more easily share groups of similar stories with other people through different social networks such as Twitter, Buzz, Facebook, and Reader. Just select the drop-down menu marked by an arrow on the top-right of each story cluster. In the drop-down, you can also choose to see more or less of the first news source.

Exploring the news is so much fun and can now be automatically tailored to fit each user’s interests. By incorporating these amazing changes, users and news enthusiasts will greatly find Google News beneficial.