Google Toolbar: Your Spam Blocker Tool

May 25, 2007 by · 1 Comment
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Pop ups and spam mails are annoying. They consume most of your surfing time and they put your security at risk. Security on the Internet is one factor that is being looked at by many Internet users. A spam blocker is a necessity for anyone who has a computer. Or else, your mailbox will be drowned with junk mail. This not only puts you and your computer at risk, it also eats up the storage space of your computer. Isn’t that a hassle?

A spam blocker is very important in stopping spam before it enters your mailbox. It saves you energy and time since you’ll no longer be reading and deleting those spam e-mails. It makes surfing an enjoyable task. The Google Toolbar with FREE pop up blocker has helped me get rid of the majority of pop ups that really irritate me when I’m online.

Many spammers also use pop up with links to get information from Internet users. These links are the major source of the information they use for their marketing offers. It was really horrible when my computer crashed because of these pop ups.

Life on the Internet was really miserable until I used the Google Toolbar. Once you download the Google Toolbar, you will automatically get many of its features especially the pop up blocker and this is the most important in the free download. Get the Google Toolbar and enjoy all the wonders of the Internet without any worries.


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