How to Remove/Add Autofill on Google Toolbar

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It’s not all the time that we are using our own computer right? Or maybe someone else are using our computer and change something there. So sometimes, we notice that we are losing buttons on our Google Toolbar, or having new buttons. So in this post, I am sharing to you how to disable or enable the autofill button on your toolbar.

On Toolbar for Internet Explorer 5

Click the wrench button, which is just beside the sign in button. Once you clicked it, the toolbar options window will appear.


On the toolbar options window, click the autofill tab and uncheck the box to disable. If you want to enable just check the box. Click the save button after.


On Toolbar for Firefox

Click the settings button, found on the right of the toolbar.


Go to Options, and the Google Toolbar Options will appear.

Then uncheck the box for Autofill to disable, and just check it if you want to add the autofill button on your toolbar. Click OK after.


If however, you did follow these steps and still didn’t see the autofill button, just click the two-arrows on the toolbar, and you will see the autofill button there.


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