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Hola! Google tiene una gran característica.

In English, it means “Hello! Google has a great feature.”

No, I don’t speak Spanish at all. This translation was made possible by Google Translate. An online tool wherein one just has to input word/s for translation, this one is a state-of-the-art technology that company has come up with.

An in-house thing…

Google developed this translation software that uses a statistical translation system. It applies a translation model that is founded with billions of monolingual and aligned texts. It does not guarantee perfect translation but can be considered to ‘close to being perfect’ since the texts consist of human translation examples between the languages.

Various languages are covered. Even Arabic translator, Google has it. This great tool can translate to about 40 languages for now. Expect to be thrilled with more languages in the future.

Some of the languages include Bulgarian, Chinese both simplified and traditional, Danish, Filipino, Greek, Korean, Turkish, Thai, Hungarian, Estonian, Albanian, Maltese, and Galician and many others.

If you are excited to use this tool visit or .

Use Google Translate in Your Language

If you want to translate Finnish,  translate Romanian, or translate Dannish. The links you should go to are:




For other languages get the links at:  Google Translator in Different Language Interfaces

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