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Have you tried using your personalized Google home page or your iGoogle? If you haven’t, you should! Because there are many, cool Google Gadgets that will liven up your Google home page, and definitely improve your web search lifestyle. There are gadgets related to news, tools, communication, and most especially games. At least add one gadget on games in your homepage so you can play it when you get bored in your work, or play it in your free time. Just like the Sudoku Google Gadgets.

A gadget on Sudoku is perfect for those internet savvy, addicted to Sudoku, and can’t live a day without solving one puzzle. Is it you? Great! Then, you might be overwhelmed to know that there are three pages of search results just for this popular game. You really have a lot to choose from; but these are my top five choices.

1. Sudoku Puzzles from LabPixes – This gadget allows me to go back to a puzzle I still haven’t solved. Numbers I have already entered will still be displayed even if I refresh the iGoogle home page, or even return to the game on the next day. There are also options for me to check the numbers I already entered, solve the puzzle, ask for hints, print the puzzle, or solve a new Sudoku. Pretty simple, and convenient to use.

2. Pandaf Sudoku – There is only one puzzle per day though, but what I like most is that all I have to do is click the mouse. If I click a box, a round of numbers from 1 to 9 (including a blank) will appear, and I will just click my answer. If the number I click, seemed to be incorrect (like it intersects with a similar number), the gadget will not display the number. There is also a timer, and a bar showing me the percentage of the puzzle I already solved.

3. Sudoku from – This is another colorful version of the number game. I found this version easier to answer with a mouse that has a scroll wheel. But if you are not using such mouse, you can still solve the puzzle using the arrow keys, or type the number. The gadget also has options for hints, pausing the game, and a timer. You can reset it, too.

4. SUDOKU from – Although I don’t like the banging sound it plays whenever I open my iGoogle page, I still include this in my list. With this version, I can choose to play Sudoku with letters from A to I, instead of numbers from 1 to 3. And choose easy, medium or hard level.

5. Symbol Sudoku Puzzles or Symboku – For a variety. Once I’m tired with numbers, at I try solving a Sudoku-like puzzle, but with symbols. Though the symbols are big enough, there will be two symbols that look similar. This version does not save the game.

So, these are just five among the Sudoku Google Gadgets you can choose from. There is a Sudoku Solve you can try. With this, you can specify the grid, and choose numbers or letters.


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