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March 23, 2008 by
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If you are looking for screensaver that isn’t animated but just a slide show of great photographs, then the Google’s Photos Screensaver is what you need. And since it comes from the search giant company, the photos from the default photo feed will surely make you say WOW! It is really an awesome collection of Creative Commons photos from professional photographers worldwide, and the company’s employees.

You can also remove the default photos, and add your own display photos from your Picasa album, or from a specific folder on your computer, or from Creative Commons photo feeds. Here is an example of a Creative Commons photo feed, which is on Flickr.

Also change the visual effect: A collage, wipe, cross fade, or ‘pan and zoom’ if you want it more cinematic. (I prefer pan and zoom) Then set the time of interval: 1 second, 4 seconds, or 9 seconds. Customize it however you want.

Below is a screenshot of the screensaver.


If you like what you see, then download the Photos Screensaver through the Google Pack. There are other free softwares in the Pack, but just check Photos Screensaver, if that’s all you want, and uncheck the rest.


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