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AdSense has always been a good source of income for most bloggers and websites owners out there. That’s why Google constantly improves their Ad serving program to cater everyone’s wants and needs. In 2007, Google has started offering the following features/services to AdSense users.

Ad Management

Managing ads is made simpler now. Once a user decides to make changes an their Ad’s design, he doesn’t need to copy the new code, and paste it on his theme’s files. Just imagine, if the user plans to change the design of three ads on his site, it would be time consuming. So, with the new ad management feature, all he has to do now is go to ‘Manage Ads’, make the necessary changes, preview, and save it. Then, the the changes made on the ad design will start to appear in his site for about 10 minutes.

New Look

  • New look for AdSense Ads – They are now visually appealing! Since there are less lines than before, it is clearer and more attention grabbing. More visitors will surely click that AdSense ad!
  • HomepageNew design for the homepage was released in May following the makeover of AdSense units.
  • Rounded Ad corners – Bored of squares? AdSense users can now choose a rounded corner for their ads, especially if they think rounded corners look better in their site. And in fact, users have two options: either slightly rounded or very rounded ad corners.


  • Accidental clicks – This benefits the advertisers, the visitors, and the publishers. In the old AdSense format, visitors could click on all text and even on white space, which visitors may found annoying. But on the new format, visitors can be directed to the Advertiser’s site only by clicking the ad title or the url. Advertisers are now assured that they are only paying for meaningful clicks. On the other hand, visitors will stay longer now on websites until they really find an AdSense Ad interesting to click on to.
  • Google Checkout – A shopping cart badge is now placed alongside the ad title. This is to tell visitors that they can try purchasing this particular item in Google Checkout. Also, a cool checkout badge is placed in ads that appear in Google search results.



  • New formats for click-to-play video ads – Video ads are now enabled for the 728×90 Leaderboard, the 120×600 Skyscraper, and the 160×600 Wide Skyscraper.
  • YouTube Video Units are now offered! – Not just plain ads, but also relevant video contents for users’ sites. Users can choose from a number of video categories to target to their sites, and integrate these videos in their sites by embedding a snippet of code. To make sure that the YouTube player blends with the website’s design, users can customize the player’s color scheme, layout, and sizes.

AdSense in Mobile

Owners of websites that are optimized for mobile browsers, now have the chance to earn more by displaying AdSense ads in their mobile sites. Ad management for mobile sites is the same with other AdSense products.

Google Gadget Ads

On September, Google had launched Gadget Ads that promotes interactivity for the publisher’s website visitors. However, not all publishers are guaranteed that such interactive Ad will appear on their sites. Only those AdSense users, who opted for image ads, will have a greater chance to see these Gadgets Ads being displayed on their sites.Google Gadget Ads are in a very dynamic format. These Ads may include data feeds, maps, images, audio, video, Flash, HTML or JavaScript. Thus, there is a higher possibility that visitors will click that creative Ad, allowing publishers and advertisers to earn more. Below is an example of a Gadget Ad.

Google Suggests

Google now sends Optimization Report to their users every month. This report includes tips on how to improve their monetization for their site.

AdSense in Blogger

AdSense users blogging in Blogger can now insert AdSense Ads between their blog posts. An instruction on how to insert the Ad on Blogger posts is found here. This feature is limited however to AdSense Content, and does not include Google search boxes and referral units.


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