Innovations on Google Commerce Search 2.0

June 20, 2010 by
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Google Commerce Search has just been launched six months ago. It is an enterprise-grade website search solution hosted in Google’s cloud and designed specifically for online retailers.

With the second release of Google Commerce Search, a powerful customization options for retailers and important improvements to the overall shopping experience of consumers has been added. Google Commerce Search brings the speed, relevance, and user-friendly search capabilities of to your retail site, so shoppers find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Today, a merchandising dashboard is being introduced which allows site administrators, marketers, or merchandising experts to manage and control the appearance and ranking rules of search results. The facet rules help you control how the left-hand navigation panel appears on your ecommerce site. With this, you can specify exactly which attribute groups like category, brand and price are shown to the user and in what order they become visible.

Also, Google Commerce Search 2.0 delivers search innovations directly to the end user. Query autocompletion is now easy to execute with Google Commerce Search without the need of any custom code. With this new feature, shoppers can simply type the first few letters of their search term and immediately see query options in real time.

Another improvement with regards to Google Commerce Search is improved browsing and navigation. There are shoppers who want to browse and discover new products and you can do this because Google Commerce search now allows visitors to shop by browsing and searching directly for products around your site.

What’s great about this is that these new features are very accessible to online retailers because pricing is now available starting at $25,000/year depending on number of queries and SKUs.

With this fast and intuitive technology, Google Commerce Search 2.0 can definitely improve your consumers’ shopping experience.


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