How to Block a Sender in Gmail

March 20, 2008 by
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If you are receiving messages from someone you want to ignore, and marking their messages as a spam won’t do, then ask Gmail to automatically delete their messages as it arrive in your inbox. Here’s how:

  • Simply mark the checkbox next to the kind of message you want to ignore forever.



  • On the create filter menu, there are other criteria you can add like if you want to still receive emails from that person but specifically not about certain topics, then you can make use of the ‘Has the words’ option. You can click ‘Test Search’ if you want to check if the messages are filtered the way you want it to be, or just click the ‘Next Step’ button.


  • On the next step, check the ‘Delete it’ option. If you just want to delete the next incoming messages leave unchecked the ‘Also apply filter to ___ conversations below’. But check it if you want to delete all messages from that person.


  • Click the ‘Create Filter’ button, and you successfully block a sender on Gmail. But not really… his messages still stay in your Trash folder for 30 days. Unless you also check your trash folder whenever you log in to your Gmail account. Which I doubt it.


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