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If you have a Google account and you are logged in while using the Search service,  it is most likely that your searches are saved in Google Web History.  This is different from what are saved by your browser. Those that are saved in your browser are removed differently, while those on web history are saved and can be removed online..

So, what are saved in your own search history? A lot of  your online activity in Google Search and other search related products:

  • the keywords you typed, and the date and time you searched them.
  • websites you visited, and how often you visit them.
  • images you viewed on Image Search
  • news articles you viewed through Google News.
  • Products you searched and viewed through Google Products
  • the Sponsored Links you clicked.
  • the videos you watched from the search results.
  • the addresses or places you searched in Google Maps
  • blogs you visited
  • and books you read or acccessed on Book Search

If you think of it, it seems Google knows a lot about your life if ever they access it. Your searches most likely tell what lifestyle you have, your wants in life. You wont search the web of something that doesn’t appeal to you or doesn’t mean to you in any way. Somehow your searches tell about your personality.

If your best friend or special someone also knows the login information of your Google account, then he/she will know any secrets you have, well, if there is. They just login to It doesn’t matter if he/she uses a different computer.

Despite the privacy issue it can brought up, ‘Web History’ is helpful especially if there’s a website you visit again but forget what the site was. You can just google your own web history or just scan through your activity in a specific date ( if you remember when you’ve gone to the site). You can also analyze your own web activity. Know what are your  top ten queries, sites, and clicks. You will be amazed to find out what they are.

Anyway, if you are concern about your privacy you can delete your Google web history. And when you search again, make sure you are not login to your Google account. You will find that out if you see your email address at the upper right corner of the Google search page. If you do this, what you will just worry about is deleting your search history on your browser.

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