Share Your Google Reader Items to Your Gtalk Friends

January 11, 2008 by
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Your friends in Google Talk can now read your shared items once they log-in to their Reader accounts. Meaning, your Gtalk contacts who also use Reader are automatically subscribed to your shared items.

If one of your friends also have shared items, but you are not interested of what they are sharing. You can simply click the ‘hide’ button in their shared items. If you have changed your mind, and you want to see their shared items; Go to Friends tab of your Reader Settings, and just click ‘show’ after their name.

Now, what if you don’t like sharing your items to a particular Gtalk friend? Well, the answer is, you have to delete this friend by going to your contacts at Gmail. However, this can cause a problem. Because you want this contact in your Gtalk, or Gmail but not in Google Reader. We have a note from Google though, so maybe they can address this problem later.

A note from Google:

This is currently an experimental feature and therefore may be subject to changes. It is also available only in English for now.

Also remember that your shared items are publicly accessible. So deleting this ‘friend’ will not cause a big difference since anyone can see your shared items. Google Reader gives you the link, and a feed too.

Sharing items is done when you click the button below the post. Click it again when you want to unshare.


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  2. Thanks for the link to my post over at Tropophilia. As a big follower of all things Google, I will definitely be reading more of your posts. Take care.