What’s inside the Google Pack?

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Another reason why I love Google is that they offer a lot of softwares that can be downloaded for free, no trial versions! This is what we call the Google Pack. It has 13 softwares so far, and all of these are specifically selected by the company. You have the option to download the whole pack, or just choose the softwares that you think will be useful. I have installed 11 of the 13 softwares available for download, and I am very much satisfied with all of them.

Here are the 13 softwares included in the Pack. Download the Pack here.


1. Firefox with Google Toolbar – If like me, you love Firefox and Google, then this 2 in 1 download is what you need. Firefox is a free browser which you can customize with extensions, themes, and plug-ins. The toolbar on the other hand, gives you quick links to Google services, and buttons to your favorite sites if you add them.

2. Toolbar for Internet Explorer – Internet Explorer is the most popular internet browser, and adding the Google toolbar increase its functionality.

Anti-virus softwares

I would say that I don’t worry about computer viruses since I am already secured by using Firefox and Google Toolbar. But I still installed these 2 anti-virus softwares, it’s better to be more secured.

3. Spyware Doctor

4. Norton Security Scan

Instant Messaging Softwares

5. Google Talk – This is one of my most-often-used softwares in the Pack. It allows me to contact my Gmail contacts easily.

6. Skype – Video calls are not available with G-Talk, but with Skype around, I can make free voice and video calls with Skype users.

Other Softwares

7. Desktop – Through this program, you can search your computer using Google Search. Just type in your query and it will give you search results found in your desktop. You can customize what files will be included in a search. Read the features here.

8. Photos Screensaver – featuring Creative Common photos from a photofeed.

9. Earth – Well, with this program you can travel the world online. You can view maps, find driving directions, hotels, and more.

10. Picasa – Organize your photos, edit them, and share them online.

Other Non-Google Softwares

11. Real Player

12. Star Office

13. Adobe Reader


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