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One of the most helpful features the search engine giant had ever introduced in this Tech world is the free Google Maps. It is the most useful features since Google search.

Maps is a free web mapping application that powers other related mapping services by Google– including map web embedding. The company offers Google maps and directions complete with route planner, street maps, and guides for vehicles such as bicycle, cars, business locator and pedestrians. There are also some cities with traffic details.

Moreover, there is a third-party web application for maps called Gmaps Pedometer or Google maps pedometer. A great web app for those travellers who tread on foot to enjoy the sceneries on a new place, It provides them information on the measure of a distance covered by a traveler on foot. The number of steps taken in a travel were recorded. This app proves to be useful in trekking places covered in the maps.

The company though already has a similar feature to Gmaps pedometer. You can now check the directions to that place either by car, by public transportation (on some areas), or by walking. It will show you how long it will take to get to a place if you will just walk. The walking directions is still in beta though.

Also, this innovative world maps provide useful information especially on business locations. Owners can put business on Google Maps. Then customers are provided with accurate data on how to get to a certain location with adjacent establishments and streets. Directions to a certain area is often supported with close coordination among the developers to further expand its efficiency.

And since finding directions is most important when people are on the road, these map services are available on mobile phones and similar gadgets. This move maximizes Google Maps potential and services.

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