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Google has introduced a new service online, it’s the Google Calendar. It is available to individuals who maintain Google accounts (as well as their friends and acquaintances who may be interested in getting Google accounts as well.) These lucky people can produce and post impending events which are important to them on Google Calendar.

What’s more, you can input other calendars and things you feel should be on Google Calendar. For example, you could add local events, dates of matches of sports teams in your area, as well as when your favorite DVD titles will be released to it. Other information which you could find on it would be presidential travel itineraries and Orbitz promos.

Whereas before, users could only browse the public calendar, now they can click on the name of a particular calendar to get an overview of the month in question as well as look through all of the events scheduled. All this before you choose to subscribe.

In addition, you may now opt to look through Google Calendar using your mobile phone.

So what are you people out there waiting for? Try out the Google Calendar now, you’ll be glad you did.


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