Google Calendar and Its Uses

June 13, 2010 by
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Google Calendar is a free time-management and event tracking tool by Google. It easily lets you organize your schedule and share events with your friends and loved ones.

With so many things to do 24/7, Google Calendar is a great web application tool to have. But, what are the various uses of Calendar?

1.    Remembering important events and happenings
Google Calendar is a great help to remember birthdays, anniversaries, children’s school activities, and other important occasions. You can set and customized reminders to notify you in advance so that you can prepare without hassle and stress.

2.    Easy sharing of calendars
Google Calendar allows several calendars to be created and viewed easily by your friends, family or co-workers. Schedules can be shared with specified people or everyone via public calendars. You can also add other people to calendars you create, allowing them to add items. Use this to have a collaborative work calendar for your team.

3.    Send invitations and track RSVPs
Having a party? Well, with Google Calendar you can invite other people to gatherings and events on your calendar. Guests can RSVP via email or respond through Google Calendar also.

4.    Reliable Task Gadget
You can also accomplish your to-do list using the task widget to easily manage daily tasks.

5.    Can be integrated with various Google services
Gmail:  If you see words such as dates, times, or meetings in your email, an “add to calendar” button is displayed that lets you add the date, time and event to your Google Calendar.
iGoogle: The calendar is shown as a module on your Google homepage. This tool offers you to edit how time can be displayed, what date, and a link to “Add Event”.
Google Desktop: The mini-calendar gadget lets you view your schedule without opening your browser.


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