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June 14, 2007 by
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Google has just bought Feedburner, based in Chicago, Illinois. This is in line with Google’s aim to find new tools that content creators and website publishers can avail of – as well as Google’s attempts to allow AdWords advertisers to gain extensive distribution to more and more consumers.

What is FeedBurner? It is a top feed distribution and management tools provider. You may be asking yourself what a web feed is – well, it allows online publishers to provide syndicated content directly to readers. FeedBurner is known for its ability to supply feeds to vast numbers of users on a global basis. It also allows publishers to use its array of tools so they can analyze and make the most of their content with an eye for profit. Furthermore, advertisers gain a feed advertising platform which permits them to provide targeted in-feed ads to key feed readers, and rely on unique methods such as RSS feed-driven ads.

The FeedBurner features are available to content creators of every stripe throughout the globe. Rest assured that the staff at Google will keep working at enhancing their services to feed users, advertisers and publishers for application in the future. Meanwhile, enjoy using Feedburner.

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