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June 6, 2010 by
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What is AdWords Editor? What does it offers?

AdWords Editor is a free, downloadable Google application that is used for managing your Google AdWords ad campaigns. It allows you to download your account, edit campaigns offline and then upload changes any changes you have to your AdWords account.

But, why use AdWords Editor? For one thing, this application enables you to make changes to your account easily and quickly. Among the various benefits that you can reap are:

* You can work offline on your computer.

* Uploading changes to AdWords can be done easily.

* You can store and navigate one or more accounts.

* You can add, edit, and delete campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, and placements.

* Making large-scale changes can be done quickly.

* You can perform advanced searches and edits.

* You can also add comments for your changes.

* Another great thing is that you can sort and view performance statistics.

* Copying or moving items between campaigns, ad groups, and accounts is very simple.

* You can export a snapshot of your account for archiving or sharing.

* You can easily import an archive or share file and review the proposed changes.

AdWords Editor is available in almost 4o languages. Any Google AdWords advertiser with any size account can use it, but it is particularly useful for advertisers with multiple campaigns and long lists of keywords. However, you can download AdWords Editor if you don’t have an existing AdWords account. Once you have made your AdWords campaigns, you can use AdWords Editor to make some changes, circulate proposed changes, and get feedback from other users to your account any time.


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