Google Lively: The 3D Chat Rooms

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At the height of the game SIMS, the interactive Second Life and IMVU along comes Google Lively. Formerly known as Google Metaverse, Google Lively is a three-dimensional chat world pulled out from Google’s magic box. It is an eye candy three dimensional social networking chat tool that soon to invade every home, office and other… Read More

Google Ads to Appear on Yahoo’s Pages

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Fake! That was what most commenters said after seeing David Naylor’s screenshot of a Yahoo Answer page with a Google Ad in it. In fact, the screenshot now appears to be true after Yahoo announced on June 12 that they would run Google Ads alongside their search results and on some of its pages in US and… Read More

GM is now Gfanatic

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We had thought of changing the domain name of this blog for a long time. I preferred to just remove the ‘The’ and call it Google Maven, but my partner wanted to change the whole domain name. So I thought of other names, we’d exchanged ideas, and finally agreed to call The Google Maven as… Read More

Links back to normal

May 2, 2008 by · Comments Off on Links back to normal
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Yep. It turned out that none of the probable causes I mentioned last post was the reason why links in this blog was messed up these past few days. It was caused by a plug-in, which is now disabled. All links are working now, and I’m back.

Links are messed up!

May 1, 2008 by · Comments Off on Links are messed up!
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Only after publishing my recent post that I have realized that all the links in Google Maven’s posts are messed up. I am not sure what caused this problem but I have to talk to my partner regarding this matter. I guess this is related to the new domain we set up for this blog,… Read More

The New Privacy Protection Policy of Google

June 20, 2007 by · Comments Off on The New Privacy Protection Policy of Google
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Google has decided to come out with a new policy aimed at enhancing the privacy of its searches: server logs will be anonymized after 18 to 24 months. This makes Google the first top search company which created a data retention policy. Google believes that longer data retention periods allow the company to guarantee security,… Read More

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