Google Web History

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If you have a Google account and you are logged in while using the Search service,  it is most likely that your searches are saved in Google Web History.  This is different from what are saved by your browser. Those that are saved in your browser are removed differently, while those on web history are saved… Read More

How To Delete Your Google Web History

March 20, 2008 by · 2 Comments
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Your online searches is collected by Google  Web History when you enable it, and you stay logged in to your account whenever you do your searches. It collects not just your keywords and the pages you visited, but also the videos you watched in Google Video, the sponsored links you clicked, the photos you viewed on… Read More

Forgot the site you visited?

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Oftentimes you paraphrase the keywords you use when you search in Google, because you couldn’t find what you are looking for. But in the process, while browsing the page results you ran into an interesting article from this website. Even though it’s interesting, you decided to move away from the page since the information you… Read More

Understanding the Trends of My Web History and Someone Else’s

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Only January this year I started clicking “Remember me in this computer” whenever I log into my Google Account. I was inspired to do so after I ‘stumbled upon’ someone else’s web history. Well, just because I knew his password and I decided to invade his private stuff, looked into his emails, feeds, blogs, and… Read More