How to Add Pictures To Google Images

February 23, 2009 by · 36 Comments
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Random images from random people from random sites. These are the images in Google Image Search, and many wonder “How to add pictures to Google” or “What is the submission process?”. Both are tricky questions. The truth is, Google does not have those images in their database. Those images are uploaded from different sites owned… Read More

Google Image Labeler, a Fun Game to Help Google

December 27, 2008 by · 1 Comment
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Some bored ‘2nd life’ citizens (online fanatics) have found themselves a refuge in Google Image Labeler. This is a feature that allows internet users to label the photos they see in image search results. This helps Google to sort out those millions of photos in their index. Labeling images can be done by anyone. Interested… Read More

Introducing the Image Search Engine From Google

June 6, 2007 by · Comments Off on Introducing the Image Search Engine From Google
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Google has become more of a force to contend with, after the introduction of its new image searching function. Though this is dubbed the ‘beta’ version (indicating that it is still under development), all signs seem to show that it can be used already by consumers. Through image searching, the user gets a thumbnail version… Read More