Google Calendar and Its Uses

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Google Calendar is a free time-management and event tracking tool by Google. It easily lets you organize your schedule and share events with your friends and loved ones. With so many things to do 24/7, Google Calendar is a great web application tool to have. But, what are the various uses of Calendar? 1.    Remembering… Read More

What’s up with Google?

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Gee.. it has been 18 days since I posted an article for GM. My bad… but I was busy doing some offline work. Anyways, since you haven’t heard from me for a long time–with just one post within a month–I guess I owe you updates. So, here’s a wrap-up of what’s interesting about Google last… Read More


June 14, 2007 by · Comments Off on GOOGLE CALENDAR IS NEAT!
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Google has introduced a new service online, it’s the Google Calendar. It is available to individuals who maintain Google accounts (as well as their friends and acquaintances who may be interested in getting Google accounts as well.) These lucky people can produce and post impending events which are important to them on Google Calendar. What’s… Read More

Now, I won’t miss a thing with the Google Calendar on my phone

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Finally, Google realized that people now use Internet on their mobiles more than their computers. I read that Google have just released its mobile version for the Google Calendar. Now, people can create and modify schedules using their phones. All you have to do is access the Google Calendar using your phone to see events… Read More