Benefits of Google Reader

June 14, 2007 by
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Guess what? Google has introduced a new web application known as Google Reader. This is the first such application that can be viewed whether you are online or offline. Amazing? You bet.

Google Reader is actually a feed reader which allows you to retrieve updates sourced from blogs and news sites you are interested in. Google Reader was launched in tandem with Google Gears. If you successfully installed Google Gears, you may download 2,000 updated items – these may be viewed later when you lack Internet access.

If you are interested in Google Reader, you may start using it when you click on the “Offline” link located at the upper right corner of Google Reader. RSS feeds downloaded into Google Reader may be viewed through devices such as the iPhone which allow you to do so even offline.

But bear in mind that the Google Gears version presently in use is a developer release. This indicates that some parts of it may require tweaking. Google will be attempting to smoothen out the rough parts of the web application. Meanwhile, you could send feedback and suggestions to Google so its developers may be made aware of problems you encountered.


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