New Google Earth Website Revealed

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Explore the world and take a tour at the brand new Google Earth website anytime, anywhere! The amazing site has many great contents including images, videos, tours, maps and tutorials to help guide you through the various features in Google Earth.

Learn Google Earth through the 5 Areas listed below:

  • Showcase: Browse our collection of featured content about the Ocean, Moon, 3D buildings and more to see all the ways you can explore the world around you.
  • Video tutorials: Whether you’re new to Google Earth or an expert user, watch our new video tutorials to learn how to create placemarks, record a tour, add a 3D building, import GPS data and more.
  • More products: See all the different ways of experiencing Google Earth. There is a version of Google Earth for you whether you are on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, or browsing the web.
  • Community: Get connected with other Google Earth enthusiasts through the different forums and stay up-to-date through newsletter, blog and Twitter feeds.
  • Industries: Everyone uses Google Earth for a different reason, so we created unique pages for educators, media, developers, businesses, non-profits and data providers.

Google TV and its Partner Sites

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Google TV has been introduced several months ago, and today it announces several of its partner sites. To refresh your memory, Google TV brings everything you want and adore about the internet to your television. You can now experience watching your favorite shows on TV with the freedom and power of the web in one screen.

To further enhance your viewing and learning experience, Google TV partners with several media organizations, content providers, content partners, and technology companies. These partners are listed below:

Content Partners:

  • Turner Broadcasting- their popular websites which partners with Google TV includes TBS, TNT, CNN, Cartoon Network, and Adult Swim.
  • NBC Universal- collaborated with Google TV to bring CNBC Real-Time.
  • HBO- bring access to hundreds of hours of programming to Google TV with HBO GO.
  • NBA- built NBA Game Time.

Content Providers:

  • Amazon Video On Demand- offers access to over 75,000 titles for rental or purchase.
  • Netflix- offers the ability to instantly watch unlimited movies and TV shows, anytime, streaming directly to the TV.

Technology and Media Companies:

  • The New York Times
  • USA Today
  • VEVO
  • Pandora
  • Napster
  • Twitter
  • YouTube Leanback

Using Google Realtime Search

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Google’s Realtime Search brings search results to life with a dynamic stream of realtime content from across the web, all live and automatically updating before your eyes.

Realtime search collects various news stories, blog posts, and updates from popular social networks and presents them in a constantly refreshing stream. You can learn the latest news and updates before it hits major headlines by searching or getting Google alerts with realtime updates. You can also look back in time using replay to see what people were saying about a topic in the past.

Using Realtime Search is very easy. You can access Realtime search from the left hand navigation tool or search directly from the Realtime home page at One of Realtime’s new features is the ability to sort results by geography. Example, you are interested about the “US Open” and you want to know or see what others are saying about this exciting sports tournament. You can also use Realtime link to search for updates just near your location or in a specific location. You can do this by clicking “Nearby” or set the location you are interested in using the custom search box. You can also restrict your search to a specific area by clicking the location tag in the search results.

Now, you can also use realtime to see not just the individual updates, but the entire conversation threads from the initial comment through latest replies.  From within your search results, just click on the conversation snippets to see all comments related to the update. From here, if there are multiple pages of comments, you can browse through the pages to see the conversation from start to this very moment.

Another great thing is that you can now get Realtime alerts sent directly to your inbox for any topic you are interested in. Just visit, enter the terms you like, and select Updates as the Type. Realtime search will bundle updates and email them to you once a day or week or send them to your inbox instantly.

Gmail’s Call Phone

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Are you missing your friends and loved ones? Do you want to call them but worry about expensive phone bills?  Well, not anymore… Gmail’s Call Phone feature is here to help you.

All of you will agree that some things are better communicated face to face. With the integration of Gmail voice and video chat into Gmail, staying in touch with friends and family is now easier. Before, you need to be signed in to your Gmail account to communicate. Now, you can call people directly on their phones.

To do this, just dial a phone number like you would do in an ordinary phone. Click “Call phone” at the top of the chat list and dial the number or enter a contact’s name. If you have a Google Voice number, calls made from Gmail will display this number as the outbound caller ID. You can also receive calls made to this number right inside Gmail.

This is really a great and helpful application. You can now call anywhere in the US and Canada for free for at least the rest of the year as well as make cheap international calls. It is very easy to use and best of all, it is free.

Chrome’s Great Extensions

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Adding extensions is pretty much like creating your own browser that suits you best. Each user has its own likes and dislikes, and you can try and see which ones are applicable to your diverse needs and distinctive taste.

Extensions let users customize Google Chrome with features and functionality that they like the most and are helpful to them. They also make various applications useful by providing quick access directly from the browser toolbar.  There are different types of extensions that you can find in the extensions gallery.

But, choosing extensions is a bit of a challenge. How do you choose from a huge variety of Chrome’s extensions available right now?  If you are not very familiar with Chrome or not that internet savvy, you will simply be lost about what extensions to install. Should you choose the featured, popular or top-rated ones found in the gallery?

Listed below are some of the favorite extensions of the Chrome team. If you are still confused and overwhelmed by the great number of extensions to choose from, read this list and start using Chrome as a pro.

  • Opinion Cloud: Summarizes comments on YouTube videos and Flickr photos to provide an  overview of the crowd’s overall opinion.
  • Google Voice: All sorts of helpful Voice features directly from the browser. See how many messages you have, initiate calls and texts, or call numbers on a site by clicking on them.
  • AutoPager: Automatically loads the next page of a site. You can just scroll down instead of having to click to the next page.
  • Turn Off the Lights: Fades the page to improve the video-watching experience.
  • Google Dictionary: Double-click any word to see its definition, or click on the icon in the address bar to look up any word.
  • After the Deadline: Checks spelling, style, and grammar on your emails, blog, tweets, etc.
  • Invisible Hand: Does a quick price check and lets you know if the product you are looking at is available at a lower price elsewhere.
  • Secbrowsing: Checks that your plug-ins (e.g. Java, Flash) are up to date.
  • Tineye: Image search utility to find exact matches (including cropped, edited, or re-sized images).
  • Slideshow: Turns photo sites such as Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, and Google Images into slideshows.
  • Google Docs/PDF Viewer: Automatically previews pdfs, powerpoint presentations, and other documents in Google Docs Viewer.
  • Readability: Reformat the page into a single column of text.
  • Chromed Bird: A nice Twitter viewing extension.
  • Feedsquares: Cool way of viewing your feeds via Google Reader.
  • ScribeFire: Full-featured blog editor that lets you easily post to any of your blogs.
  • Note Anywhere: Digital post-it notes that can be pasted and saved on any webpage.
  • Instant Messaging Notifier: IM on multiple clients.
  • Remember the Milk: The popular to-do app.
  • Turns the web into a music library.

What’s New with Google News?

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Google News is a great tool that’s been introduced in 2002 to help you find important and interesting articles and features all around the web. Google News has a new look and feel these days. You can see the Google News homepage with some updates to make the news more relevant to you. Google has found a way to better showcased interesting stories you did not know existed and to make it easier for you to share great stories and news with other people or through the different social networks.

Here are the changes:

  • You can customize your Google News homepage. You can add your own categories and you can even update your preferences later on. The stories that interest you the most is called “News for You” on Google News. You can view them grouped by topic by selecting the Sections view. You can now choose which news sources you would rather not see by going to News Settings. Now, it is so much easier to explore the top stories that many outlets are covering.
  • Also, Google News is now reflecting your interests while providing topics and stories you did not know existed. Recent news, local weather, and local news are now in the right-hand column. You can also see the Spotlight section there, which features stories of more lasting interest.
  • Finally, Google News is letting you more easily share groups of similar stories with other people through different social networks such as Twitter, Buzz, Facebook, and Reader. Just select the drop-down menu marked by an arrow on the top-right of each story cluster. In the drop-down, you can also choose to see more or less of the first news source.

Exploring the news is so much fun and can now be automatically tailored to fit each user’s interests. By incorporating these amazing changes, users and news enthusiasts will greatly find Google News beneficial.

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