YouTube and CNN collaborate re July 23 Presidential Debate

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This is definitely a historical advancement: YouTube has developed a new online video program with CNN which is designed to empower ordinary citizens during the Debate on July 23, 2007 to be held between Republican and Democratic candidates for President of the United States. This will be the first time that users of YouTube can submit questions to be asked of the candidates during both the Democratic and Republican primary debate — all through online videos.

Interested citizens can tap into the site if they want to submit their questions on video. Members of the public are also encouraged to keep tabs on the YouTube Blog for more updates prior to the Presidential election.

Those who are planning to upload debate questions on YouTube should bear in mind that the questions should not last more than 30 seconds. Your submissions should possess great audio and video quality, preferably taking a creative bent but not losing your personal point of view and relevance. You may opt to submit questions on issues that are directed at just one or all the candidates. It is also recommended that YouTube submissions meet the YouTube Terms of Use.

The New Privacy Protection Policy of Google

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Google has decided to come out with a new policy aimed at enhancing the privacy of its searches: server logs will be anonymized after 18 to 24 months. This makes Google the first top search company which created a data retention policy.

Google believes that longer data retention periods allow the company to guarantee security, innovation as well as compliance with the data protection demands of the Article 29 Working Party of the European Union. (The Article 29 Working Party is an advisory group whose members are national data protection officials from the European Union countries.) The Working Party commended Google for collaborating with it as far as data protection is concerned.

Retaining search server logs is in the best interest of both Google and its users since the latter stand to gain when Google enhances its search algorithms. Google is able to prevent efforts by third parties to conduct malicious access and exploitation of Google’s search system this way. Click fraud and web spam is headed off by Google. Google can defend its users from spam and phishing, among other threats. Google can also cooperate with law enforcement authorities in their attempts to investigate and prosecute grave crimes being conducted online. Furthermore, Google is able to meet legal requirements as far as data retention is concerned.

Benefits of Google Reader

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Guess what? Google has introduced a new web application known as Google Reader. This is the first such application that can be viewed whether you are online or offline. Amazing? You bet.

Google Reader is actually a feed reader which allows you to retrieve updates sourced from blogs and news sites you are interested in. Google Reader was launched in tandem with Google Gears. If you successfully installed Google Gears, you may download 2,000 updated items – these may be viewed later when you lack Internet access.

If you are interested in Google Reader, you may start using it when you click on the “Offline” link located at the upper right corner of Google Reader. RSS feeds downloaded into Google Reader may be viewed through devices such as the iPhone which allow you to do so even offline.

But bear in mind that the Google Gears version presently in use is a developer release. This indicates that some parts of it may require tweaking. Google will be attempting to smoothen out the rough parts of the web application. Meanwhile, you could send feedback and suggestions to Google so its developers may be made aware of problems you encountered.

Enter FeedBurner

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Google has just bought Feedburner, based in Chicago, Illinois. This is in line with Google’s aim to find new tools that content creators and website publishers can avail of – as well as Google’s attempts to allow AdWords advertisers to gain extensive distribution to more and more consumers.

What is FeedBurner? It is a top feed distribution and management tools provider. You may be asking yourself what a web feed is – well, it allows online publishers to provide syndicated content directly to readers. FeedBurner is known for its ability to supply feeds to vast numbers of users on a global basis. It also allows publishers to use its array of tools so they can analyze and make the most of their content with an eye for profit. Furthermore, advertisers gain a feed advertising platform which permits them to provide targeted in-feed ads to key feed readers, and rely on unique methods such as RSS feed-driven ads.

The FeedBurner features are available to content creators of every stripe throughout the globe. Rest assured that the staff at Google will keep working at enhancing their services to feed users, advertisers and publishers for application in the future. Meanwhile, enjoy using Feedburner.

More on Google Feedburner:


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Google has introduced a new service online, it’s the Google Calendar. It is available to individuals who maintain Google accounts (as well as their friends and acquaintances who may be interested in getting Google accounts as well.) These lucky people can produce and post impending events which are important to them on Google Calendar.

What’s more, you can input other calendars and things you feel should be on Google Calendar. For example, you could add local events, dates of matches of sports teams in your area, as well as when your favorite DVD titles will be released to it. Other information which you could find on it would be presidential travel itineraries and Orbitz promos.

Whereas before, users could only browse the public calendar, now they can click on the name of a particular calendar to get an overview of the month in question as well as look through all of the events scheduled. All this before you choose to subscribe.

In addition, you may now opt to look through Google Calendar using your mobile phone.

So what are you people out there waiting for? Try out the Google Calendar now, you’ll be glad you did.

Resorting to the Google Advanced Search

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This tool known as the Google Advanced Search helps simplify the process of searching for certain information. The old method used to involve encoding some key words into the search box which would produce many pages of results that you would have to sieve through.

Google Advanced Search is different. It allows you to tap into the massive Google information database; just choose the Advanced Search button (found on the right side of the Google search page.) Or if you prefer, you could go to This gives you many options.

Either/or phrases are used when you rely on the standard Boolean AND, OR type options. (AND happens to be the default Google search option.) You can also select the language you prefer – new languages are now frequently being added.

Your next option is file type, with any type open to research. You can also restrict the search to certain Adobe or Microsoft Office Document files.

Numeric criteria is possible.

You may then search throughout the page. Or you could limit your search to the links, the body of the text, the URL or the title of the web site. If you are conducting SEO Strategy keyword research about your rivals, this proves advantageous because you can check where the most effective usage of keywords is being done by leading ranking sites.

As far as SEO strategy is concerned, search engine position is most affected by inputting keywords in the Title. Link text is next in importance, followed by body text keywords.

You could confine your search to a particular web site domain name, or perhaps just kinds of usage and sharing rights.

Safe Search is required so junk results do not crop up.

If you use the Page Specific Box, the search will be confined to pages which are like a given page, or those pages which link to a particular page.

The information resource option limits your search to very specific sources.

There are various options provided when you tap into the Google Advanced Search page. These may function independently or in tandem with others so that searches can be significantly narrowed down to manageable levels.

The Advanced Search Box makes searches easier compared to memorizing individual commands for the search boxes. In addition, the criteria can be utilized in combination.

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