Perform an In-depth Research with Google Search Engine

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A typical Google search where you type in the keyword in the Search box produces general results. With Google Search Engine, you can delve a little deeper into a particular topic that you take an interest in by customizing your search options. Here, you can add a customized search engine to suit your needs.You can easily do this by using the “Add to Google” button on your personalized search engine, and your customized search engine can be accessed by others users and even add it to their home page. An in-depth research will produce the desired results if you will use the customized Google search engine.

In relation to this, another feature which is called the Google Marker, will allow a user to quickly add web sites to your search engine. A customized Google search engine will not just benefit online users all around the world. It will also benefit web developers so that their clients, or any type of business or company, can target a niche market. Also, as long as they update their web site information everyday, the web site owners are assured with a lot of hits to increase the repeat web site visitors and increase their profit. With a customized Google search engine, it will be easier to dig deeper into any topic that I choose – using the wonders of modern technology.

Personalize Google Home Page with Google Gadgets

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Armed with the latest updates and innovations to keep millions of users around the world updated with the latest information, Google constantly comes up with cool stuff to add to their collection. One such tool is Google Gadgets, which will allow you to personalize your Google home page and add your favorite directories and web sites to your Google home page, or iGoogle.

First, take a look at the Google Gadgets that you can customize:

– Weather
– Wikipedia
– Quotations
– Searching YouTube and other popular sites
– Translation
– Brain teasers

There is a lot more to iGoogle or Google Gadgets which will be incorporated in the future. To make use of Google gadgets, all you need to do is sign-in with your Google account. You can do this by logging in to, then, click on the “Add Content” option.

Once your Google gadget has been added to your home page, you can go back to the above link and go crazy with the font and text size, as well as the background color. With all these personalization and cool tools such as the Google Gadgets, you will surely have the best in-depth search experience with the number one search engine on the web.

Google Earth is Your Guide to the Rest of the World

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If you are interested with GPS or Global Positioning Systems, then Google Earth is the perfect compliment to your GPS handheld device. From the developers of what is probably the most popular and widely-used search engine in the world comes a service where you can take a virtual trip to the rest of the world. Basically, Google Earth makes use of satellite imagery to give your three-dimensional views of almost any location on the Earth. Just imagine yourself looking at a traditional map. The only difference when you use Google Earth is that you can virtually ‘zoom in’ to view street names, buildings, hiking trails, landmarks, and addresses.

As of now, there are three basic types of services. The first on is Google Earth which is the free version. Google Earth Plus offers the same basic service as the free Google Earth version, but with more additional features. Finally, Google Earth Professional is for businesses as well as all of the die-hard GPS and mapping enthusiasts out there.

With Google Earth, you do not even need to get on a plane to view the most wonderful geographic locations in the planet. With just one click of the mouse, you will have a wonderful view of the world right at your fingertips

Google Adsense Reminders for Beginners

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If you’ve ever wondered how amateur web site owners ‘earn’ their keep, then you probably have not heard about Google Adsense. Google Adsense is an advertisement program run by Google for advertisements to appear on a particular web site. Google AdSense is a service which will match the content of your web site with related advertisement. For example, if you run the website of a small construction company and you have a Google Adsense account, then advertisements about construction materials and a host of other construction-related items and services will be advertised on your web site.

Basically, you will start earning once a visitor of your web site clicks on any of the advertisements posted through Google Adsense. Here are some useful tips to make the most our of your Google Adsense account:

1. Before signing up for Google Adsense, make sure that your web site is up and running, all the links are functioning, has a lot of content and is regularly being updated.

2. If you do not already have a Gmail account, sign-up for one and then you can use the same login information for your Google Adsense account.

3. Once you have a Google Adsense account, learn about site optimization to increase your chances of earning a decent revenue. Finally, do not choose advertisements which involves adult content, or those which would need a copyright before they can be used.

With careful planning, research and a little business sense, you can definitely turn your web site into a lucrative online career with Google Adsense.


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All that you Need to Know about Gmail

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The good thing about web-based e-mail is that you can access your messages from any computer with Internet access. The downside, however, is that you cannot access your old messages or work on new ones if you cannot go online. When free web-based service was first popularized by Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and other free web-based mail service providers followed suit.

With the success of Google’s search engine, the company did some fine-tuning to the services offered by existing free web-based e-mail service providers. And what do users get out of this fine-tuning? A better and improved version of the traditional web-based mail that we know: Gmail. With Gmail, users can still conduct a Google search plus a bunch of great features.

First, users do not need to worry about limited storage space or having to delete e-mails since they can have over 2.6 megabytes of storage space. Second, you can also search from the old messages so you would not have to go through each e-mail if you are looking for something. Third, there is no need for you to worry about pop-up advertisements, and the Google ads that you will see on the right of your Gmail interface are related ads about the messages that you have displayed on your screen.

Finally, Gmail has managed to integrate instant messaging within the e-mail page itself. So, there is no need for you to install a separate client or software to get in touch with your friends and send them instant messages.

With all these cool features and more, Gmail is definitely the free web-based mail service to watch out for. Just like with the Google search engine, users can enjoy a more efficient, quick and easy way to access their e-mail messages over the Internet through Gmail.

Make Google Tailor-made for your Search Engine Needs

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Part of the phenomenal success of Google is probably the fact that they constantly make innovations to optimize the search engine experience of their users all over the world. Google Custom Search Engine is one such innovation, where users can create their very own customized search engine to reflect their line of business, expertise, personal preferences and interests.

‘Personalization’ is the keyword here which serves as the primary goal of Google Custom Search Engine. With this service, Google users can choose which directories and web sites would be on top of their search list. Furthermore, the search results will be ranked according to the user’s preference.

With the Google Custom Search Engine, you can add hundreds ‘even thousands’ of URL’s to your personalized search engine. You can also choose which sites to include or reject from the search results. Other aspects which can be personalized include a customized search box; the theme of the web site; narrowing down the search engine results through ‘sub-search refinements’ and finally, using the power of AdSense to profit from web site ads. You can even spread the word and persuade others to contribute to the search engine.

With Google Custom Search Engine, you can create and personalize your very own search engine to satisfy your hunger for information through the power of Google search.

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